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log management
Speed & Power
Search Through Terabytes in Seconds
We mean it: A full text search or a RegExp through 2TB of logs takes less than a second. LiveMon created
, a command line tool that makes full use of our search engine's power.
Search using RegExp
With LiveMon Dashboard or 
*LiveMon grep:  grep with the LiveMon touch.
Log searches with
We Make it Easy
Search using the LiveMon dashboard or
command-line tools 
LiveMon is designed around the way you work. Run searches directly from your dashboard or use the LiveMon command-line tools to push and search logs.
With LiveMon, you’re not limited to index-based searches. Search anything, using RegEx, partial expressions or a full-text search.
Simplified error resolution
Trying to trace back a chain of events by combing through log files is tedious and time-consuming. LiveMon centralizes all of your logs instantaneously. We offer unlimited data retention for log storage, which enables you to run analytics on your full data-set.
Our high performing back-end infrastructure allows super fast search queries, even as your infrastructure grows. Get ready to simplify and accelerate log analysis.
Fair pricing
A Revolution in Pricing
per GB
per month
No commitment
Fixed price guarantee for life
Works with your current solution
No credit card needed
Installation in a matter of seconds
Classic log management
"I received a quote of $40,000 for 2TB of log storage
per month, with an unstable search engine…"
#CTOLife #DevopsLife
2TB = $200
Keep in touch
We just launched the first open beta of LiveMon, and we have a lot of surprises for you in the coming weeks.
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