Log Management
More Logs. Faster Searches. Better Insights.
Speed & Flexibility
All of your Logs at your Fingertips
Easily collect and aggregate your logs in real-time. Search through 2TBs per second using our dashboard or command line tools. No limits on ingestion or retention.
Infinitely Scalable
Install our agent on each host and within minutes you can start searching your logs and see real-time performance metrics.
Our high-performing back end infrastructure allow super fast search queries, even as your infrastructure grows. There are no limits ingestion or number of hosts.
Secure and Compliant
We take security and data privacy very seriously. You retain exclusive access & control over your data at all times.
Your data is encrypted with AES-128, keys hashed with SHA-256 and sent to our servers using HTTPS for maximum security.
Log Management Simplified
Save logs for as long as they are needed. No more log rotation, archiving or dropping data. Plus, logs are automatically collected without pre-formatting needed.
Run lightning-fast regex or partial text searches on your full data set using our dashboard or custom-built command line tool.
Focus on Your Business
Minimize downtime by quickly identifying production issues and free up disk space and computing resources to optimize performance.
Using LiveMon for log storage and search means your team can focus on delivering better products instead of managing logs.
Search using RegExp
With LiveMon Dashboard or 
*LiveMon grep:  grep with the LiveMon touch.
Fair pricing
Try it free during our Beta
Log Management
per GB
per month
Infrastructure Monitoring
per vCore
per month
External Monitoring
per URL
per month
Coming 2019
Unlimited Log Volume
Unlimited Hosts
No ingestion limit
No credit card needed
Installation in minutes
Classic log management
"I received a quote of $40,000 for 2TB of log storage
per month, with an unstable search engine…"
#CTOLife #DevopsLife
2TB = $200
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