Log Management
Streamline your log analysis with AI-powered processing
Format Recognition
Lightning-fast analysis
Stop wasting time manually analyzing the format of your log entries. Our artificial intelligence runs fast content analysis on your logs to automatically recognize their patterns and perform analytics on the log sets.
No more jigsaw puzzles; you can now focus on the analysis LiveMon instantly supplies you with, or just relax and watch our solution take care of it.
LiveMon AI powered
Simplified error resolution
Finding relevant logs to trace back a chain of events can be painful & time-consuming. With LiveMon, all your logs are centralized in the same instance. We offer unlimited data retention for your log storage, to enable you to run analytics on your full data set.

Our high-performing back-end infrastructure allows for super-fast searches, even as your infrastructure grows. Get ready to simplify and accelerate your log analyses.
Anomaly Detection
Getting to know your environment
Manually digging into logs to identify root causes is a time-wasting task. We want to make this process easier for you. By analysing the content of your logs, LiveMon recognizes deviant patterns.
LiveMon AI powered
Over time, your infrastructure coach learns to distinguish unusual logs from usual with more and more accuracy. The faster you can solve support requests, the happier your customers & employees.
Business Benefits
with LiveMon Log Management
Customer satisfaction
Faster repair times
Productivity boost
Simplified log analysis & index
Efficient error detection
Micro-analysis of content
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