Infrastructure Monitoring
Understand your unique performance data with custom server monitoring
Automatic Mapping
The ultimate bird’s eye view
You probably know what servers and applications you have, but can you tell how they operate and interact in real time?

In under 5 minutes, with no manual configuration, LiveMon auto-discovers every server and app in your technology stack.
In real-time, you can visualize all the interactions and dependencies between your components, with a clear understanding of individual data flows and traffic.
Every server is special
Not every server is the same. Each has its unique configuration and role to play within your infrastructure.

With LiveMon, you can tag logical sets of servers with adapted monitoring rules that make sense for you. LiveMon helps you to determine relevant thresholds accordingly, by running transparent benchmarks on server capacity. Only a tailored monitoring solution can properly take care of your unique IT environment.
Real-Time Precision
Zero blind spots
Increasingly complex infrastructures offer more and more hideouts for bottlenecks to settle.
If your monitoring tools are not able to identify the root cause, troubleshooting can become a nightmare.
LiveMon allows for deep diving into servers and databases. The sub-second granularity of our checks lets you discover new levels of impactful micro-events. What’s more, we monitor core usage of every CPU to give you the highest quality of detail.
Business Benefits
with LiveMon Infrastructure Monitoring
Consistent, quality performance
Cost Efficiency
Optimal use of existing infrastructure
Business Confidence
Full control over your IT assets
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