Hands off
The autonomous monitoring
LiveMon is the only monitoring solution without additional service.
No extra service, no surprise charges.
Auto installation
One command line
One copy / paste
One time
The installation is a matter of seconds, with one simple command line, the LiveMon agent is installed, and few seconds later the first data start to be collected.
LiveMon AI powered
Auto discovery
The LiveMon agent discovers automatically all your infrastructure and configure automatically your dashboard. You just need to go to your dashboard to start to monitor all your IT.
LiveMon AI powered
Auto management
The LiveMon solution is designed to evolve with your IT infrastructure day after day. You never need to update the agent and when you install a new host, the dashboard is automatically updated with the new configuration.
No extra service
but a great support
Don’t worry! We don’t sell a service, but our support is always here to help you and answer to your questions.

Email, Live-chat or Phone, 24/7 our great team is here for you.
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