Core Technology
Powered by a robust and optimized code at the processor level.
data items collected this second
Optimization & Performance
The optimization of our code is in your DNA. Our agent is lightweight and designed with efficiency in mind; a simple copy/paste is all that’s necessary to install the LiveMon solution. Collecting more than 2000 metrics per second and uses less than 0.5% of CPU on average.
2000per second
CPU optimization
0.5%CPU usage
Network traffic
-10koper second
Three years of R&D
Good things take time. The LiveMon solution was envisioned and developed from scratch, our smart team of developers took three years to build the best solution they could imagine.
More data when you need it
You never know when you’re going to need a specific metric. That’s why we collect everything, all the time. If you’re having an issue with JVM and you want to know the number of context switches it was doing two years ago? We have your back!
SaaS - Private cloud - On-premise
Our all-in-one, powered monitoring tool is configured as a seamless SaaS solution. If the cloud isn’t for you, we also offer on-premise solutions. Or, if you need a more tailored solution, let us create a hybrid plan to suit your specific deployment requirements.
Tinker ability
Drink your own champagne.
Our internal API is open and the data is always available.
Safety and privacy
Privacy and security are subjects we take very seriously. Our solution uses the latest encryption technology AES and SHA-3, and the data collect process respects the privacy of our customer.
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