Total IT visibility,
optimal business success

LiveMon combines essential monitoring functions
to cover your IT environment, end-to-end

Experience the
LiveMon platform

Each of our monitoring functions is powered with LiveMon artificial intelligence and brought together under one roof via our responsive, predictive platform.

Get face-to-face with your unique metrics, correlations & interactions.

A single interface for all of your data

Effortlessly explore your IT environment and share with teams. View all of your monitoring data in the same, user-friendly format.


Artificial Intelligence

We gather and correlate data proactively to identify symptoms of performance issues before they harm your systems. Get preventative alerts with actionable insights in advance.

Watch accuracy improve constantly, as our AI gets to know your unique IT environment over time.

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Artificial Intelligence

Infrastructure Monitoring

With every server you add, LiveMon always scales to provide sub-second monitoring.

Easily integrate new hosts, define specific groups and create adapted alerting rules. Oversee all interactions with our responsive weather map.

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External Monitoring

Know how your website & services are performing from all over the world with page tests.

Our machine learning technology selects only the alerts that matter, to notify you immediately via text, e-mail or in-app notification.

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External Monitoring

Log Management

Our log processing capabilities saves you precious hours of sorting and searching. With LiveMon you will find everything stored and centralized as soon as you incorporate a new element.

AI recognizes log format, analyses the content and spotlights the anomalies.

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"Using the LiveMon interface, IT managers can monitor all of their resources, group infrastructure elements into logical sets, categorize services by priority, set alert thresholds, define escalation paths, search and analyze logs, perform trend and threat analyses, and produce a practically unlimited variety of reports and dashboards."
IBM Case Studies


Everything in our software, including the architecture that supports it, is homemade. We have designed LiveMon to monitor continuously scaling environments, without degrading performance. We love big data – and we have the perfect tool to monitor yours.

Unlimited data retention

Your data needs to be managed in order to extract valuable, actionable insights into performance fluctuations and spikes over time. We provide unlimited data retention to help you and your business reach success. No limits on your data, no limits on your business growth.

Simple setup

Installing our software doesn’t require any shutdown or reboot of your systems. Our agent is deployed to automatically integrate the elements within your unique infrastructure. Get up and running quickly, with immediate insights into your performance data.