External Monitoring

Deliver world-class customer experience with LiveMon
analytics for your sites and apps

24/7 Availability

Always up & running

Secure revenue, protect your reputation & rank higher in search engine results by keeping your website accessible anywhere, anytime.

With a network of 50+ probe servers around the world, LiveMon tests your website availability in different locations every second. If we find a problem, our AI identifies the root cause and tell you how to solve it as quickly as possible.

Don’t make your customers wait for your service or jump to a competitor’s site. Generate top customer experience and full potential revenue from your website with minimum page load time.

LiveMon provides you with real-user performance data to see how fast your website loads for customers in any location. By analysing each component of the latency, LiveMon guides you through the loading process to spotlight the bottlenecks.

Smart Alerting

Only when it matters

Optimize your noise-signal ratio. LiveMon’s machine learning allows you to evaluate the relevance of your alerts, specifically adapting to your unique environment. Our system learns what’s important, and what is just background noise.

Don’t waste time retracing the chain of events from dispersed alert messages. LiveMon sends you the history of events chronologically so you don’t have to rewrite the story by yourself.

Business Benefits with
LiveMon External Monitoring

Conversion Rates

Faster page load speeds

Search Engine Rankings

24/7 service availability

Agility Boost

Enhanced alert visibility

LiveMon is the only tool you need to take control
of your IT environment, end to end.