Artificial Intelligence

Smart analytics for business peace of mind


Always ahead of the curve

The times of mere probe monitoring are over. LiveMon is your infrastructure coach; facilitating analysis and revealing insights, patterns and relationships across your data.

Powered by artificial intelligence, LiveMon automatically detects incoming threats before they can endanger your information system. Proactive insights guide you to eliminate the root cause. No more needles, no more haystacks.

LiveMon gets to know you better over time. Our solution learns about the normal behaviour in your unique IT environment, discovering unsolved problems in the past to better prepare you with smart anomaly detection.

You can even integrate your business metrics into our analytics pool. Thanks to this cognitive learning faculty, you only receive meaningful alerts that matter to you.


Get busy doing business

Forget repetitive, time-consuming, manual monitoring activities. Adding new servers? No need for any configuration. LiveMon automatically recognizes and incorporates new elements into your monitoring pool.

As for logs, formats are automatically recognized and indexed. LiveMon’s AI is here to do the dirty work, and let you get back to business.

Business Benefits with
LiveMon Artificial Intelligence

Peace of Mind

Proactive anomaly detection

Save Time

Automatic troubleshooting

Get Smart

Innovative cognitive technology

The LiveMon platform is powered with insightful artificial intelligence. Solve your performance issues before they exist.