AI-powered, all-in-one
performance monitoring

Predictive, cloud-based monitoring for your entire IT landscape


Monitoring, ahead of the curve

Predictive and preventative artificial intelligence identifies incoming threats so you can eliminate them before they impact your service.


It’s all about uptime

Our global network of 50+ probe servers are constantly testing your website performance, monitoring your service from any location.

One platform, all the data

Our server monitoring capabilities give you complete perspective over your entire IT infrastructure & interactions, in a single instance.


Streamline your log management

Find all of your logs centralized and stored with LiveMon’s pattern recognition. Perform speedy searches and easily spot anomalies.


Most problems are predictable. They show symptoms before harming your systems. We gather and correlate data proactively to identify tiny, micro-symptoms and send you preventative alerts with actionable insights in advance.


We’ve optimized our cost structure to provide you with an affordable, progressive price for our platform. You pay less for our AI-powered, all-in-one solution than you would for a single-function monitoring tool from other providers.


We bring infrastructure monitoring, website monitoring and log management altogether to empower you with cross-monitoring intelligence. Forget the siloed tools and get all the information in the same format for your teams.

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